To Believe, or Not to Believe?

Anxiety. That’s one of the main feelings emanating from DC this week and engulfing many of us, almost to the point of being too overwhelmed to imagine better days. We’re trying to process a growing surge of negative—even scary—news. North Korea’s nuclear weapons are increasingly capable of destructive force, the Pentagon tells us. We’re struggling …

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Archiving Abuse Stories to Promote Activist Response

The archive of stories about sexual assault and harassment endured (mainly) by women and girls is growing. Each day brings new accounts into public circulation—stories drawn from experiences that in many cases had been held back for decades. From Hollywood and the entertainment industry, the spotlight has shifted to the political arena.

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Come from Away: Answering Moments of Terror with Artful Living

I happened to be in New York the weekend after yet another auto-as-weapon attack—this one on Halloween, timed by the (alleged) perpetrator with a pernicious goal of turning a date that youthful city-dwellers cultivate for playful-pretend horror into a gruesomely real day of death. I flew into the city the next day, November 1. Initial …

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